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Our Purpose and Promise

Switch Education is committed to Learner-Centred Leadership Transformation. Our approach to integrated education focuses on helping you develop the confidence and competence to transition from traditional learning to contemporary online education. Underpinned by Social Cognitive Theory, our design process is a proven approach to boosting learner self-efficacy beliefs. And, by putting pedagogy first, we remove the mindset obstacles and behavioural blockages that often prevent the creation of dynamic, online learning content, courses and programs. We look forward to partnering with you.

Assess the SUCCESS of your courses and programs

The SWITCH Survey Tool assesses online learner motivation and progress so you can see how your courses are impacting performance and engagement.


Leadership Learning as LIVE + Interactive Sessions

Prefer Live + Interactive sessions? We utilise our educational pedagogy and experience as facilitators to deliver leadership learning as informative webinars.


MASTER the Art + Science of Working Remotely

Learn how to let go of control and build trust when you lead and manage remotely with our Open Cred course through Open Learning.


Build + FOSTER Everyday Mindfulness in your Life

Experience what it means to live curiously, awaken your senses + experience the benefits of being Mindful with our Open Learning course.


CATALYSE + CULTIVATE your potential as a Manager + Leader.

Improve emotional agility, deeper self-awareness and boost your confidence in your ability to lead yourself and people with our Dynamic Leadership Transformation.


STEP into your destiny as an inspirational LEADER.

Thrive as a contemporary leader by understanding the relationship between how others perceive you and your effectiveness in your role.


Experience a SNAP! view of our pedagogy and sample the Switch difference to digital education with our free Leading and Managing @ Work course.


What our customers say

Justin Dickinson

Enjoyed, and learnt a heap. Self reflection and self awareness is paramount and a focus. Developing one self and evolving as a manager and leader, whilst knowing your style, and learning to adapt to other leadership styles was a big thing I took out of this.

Justin Dickinson

Melanie Hamill

I really enjoyed the Leading Yourself Module. I liked its format and being able to read the stories others shared was interesting. It was a really practical and inciteful look at leadership its various styles and I’m excited to continue on to the next two courses.

Melanie Hamill

Beer Opatsuwan

Excellent introduction to managing self for aspiring leaders. Great choice of videos throughout the course which provided lots of innovative ideas for students to implement in the real world. Good job in putting the course together

Beer Opatsuwan

Alex Loh

The Leading Your Team course is one of the best courses I have attended for a long time. The five modules are practical, concise and professionally structured in an orderly fashion. Both my team and I have benefited from this invaluable course.

Alex Loh

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How SWITCH guides your Transformation


Supported by Social Cognitive Theory, our programmes and insight tools increase self-awareness, the building block to boost your sense of personal agency and control. Your status quo as an educator then shifts, propelling you forward.


Only through self-reflection are we able to achieve the self-regulation necessary for self-actualisation. We promote self-reflection by embedding private digital learning journals in courses, conducting self-assessments and deploying insight tool reports and debriefs.

In Practice

To help you feel better supported and develop your self-confidence as educators, our approach includes the opportunity to share your ideas and reflections and workplace application with your peers in our social learning area, in webinars or group consultations.


We believe the key to becoming a successful digital educator is grounded in our ability to become better human beings. Our approach is based on a Whole Health view of life where we recognise that everything we do individually has the power to impact the whole.

Switch Education is an Approved Centre with the
Chartered Management Institute (UK)