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Our Purpose and Promise

Switch Education is committed to Leadership Liberation and Transformation. It’s what inspires and motivates us everyday. We help organisations create empowering and innovative workplaces by building leadership capabilities and championing well-being. We provide tailored online programmes supported by experienced facilitation to help celebrate where you are, recognise where you are headed and embrace the step change to get you there. We help you create sustainable, positive impacts personally, within your organisation and within your communities.

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Discover the relationship between how others perceive you and your leadership effectiveness and gain greater leadership awareness and long-term behaviour change.


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What our customers say

Enjoyed, and learnt a heap. Self reflection and self awareness is paramount and a focus. Developing one self and evolving as a manager and leader, whilst knowing your style, and learning to adapt to other leadership styles was a big thing I took out of this.

Justin Dickinson

I really enjoyed the Leading Yourself Module. I liked its format and being able to read the stories others shared was interesting. It was a really practical and inciteful look at leadership its various styles and I’m excited to continue on to the next two courses.

Melanie Hamill

Excellent introduction to managing self for aspiring leaders. Great choice of videos throughout the course which provided lots of innovative ideas for students to implement in the real world. Good job in putting the course together

Beer Opatsuwan

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How SWITCH guides your Transformation


Supported by Social Cognitive Theory, our programmes and insight tools increase self-awareness, the building block to boost your sense of personal agency and control. Your leadership and management status quo then shifts, propelling you forward.


Only through self-reflection are we able to achieve the self-regulation necessary for self-actualisation. We promote self-reflection by embedding a private digital learning journal in our courses, our self-assessments and our insight tool reports and debriefs.

In Practice

To help you feel better supported and develop your self-confidence as leaders, our programmes include the opportunity to share your ideas and reflections and workplace application with your peers in our social learning area, in webinars or group consultations.


We believe that the key to being successful leaders and managers is grounded in our ability to become better human beings. We create our programmes with a Whole Health view of life where we recognise that everything we do individually has the power to impact the whole.

Switch Education is an Approved Centre with the
Chartered Management Institute (UK)