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Our Purpose and Promise

We are committed to creating a world where learner-centred leadership transformation is accessible and affordable for everyone. To accomplish this, we draw upon our extensive experience in designing and evaluating innovative leadership development and management education programs. Our evidence-based approach develops people’s capability to lead themselves and their teams with competence and confidence and helps shift behaviour from the old command and control mindset to the new empower and engage paradigm.

SWITCH Education acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of Country throughout Australia. We pay our respects to all First Nations people and acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging.

We look forward to partnering with you.

INSPIRING individuals to REACH their leadership + management potential

These information-based Seminars deliver knowledge + insights to broaden your understanding of contemporary management + leadership theory and best practice.


EMPOWERING teams to ACHIEVE through boosting self-awareness + confidence

These interactive SWITCHinars provide tools + practices to create the environment to boost your people’s ability to communicate, collaborate + deliver results.


TRANSFORMING organisations by building efficacy, motivation + drive

Immerse your people in experiences that replace the unhelpful with the exceptional + create sustainable behaviour change and a more successful organisation.


CATALYSING leadership confidence with our 360 Assessment + Coaching

It's not WHAT you do but HOW you do it! Prevent career derailment + boost your capabilities with our LMAP 360 Assessment + Leadership Coaching Program.


This is how we measure the SUCCESS of our programs

This SWITCH Tool assesses online learner motivation and progress so you can see how our programs impact performance + engagement.


MASTER the art and science of leading with our on-demand courses

Boost your knowledge + skills around self-leadership, managing remotely and cultivating mindfulness with our Open Learning online on-demand courses.


How does our embedded pedagogical approach remove mindset obstacles and belief system blockages that prevent your people from achieving goals in the short-term and creating behaviour change in the longer-term?


How we Inspire, Empower and Transform

Affordable Accessible Leadership Transformation

Self reflection and self awareness is paramount and a focus. Developing one self and evolving as a manager and leader, whilst knowing your style, and learning to adapt to other leadership styles was a big thing I took out of this – Justin Dickinson. I liked being able to read the stories others shared. It was a really practical and insightful look at leadership its various styles – Melanie Hamill.

Inspiring Individuals

Sustainable Senior Leadership Behaviour Change

Cedar Woods had a clear objective around building a high performance culture. Central to achieving this was the development of the Senior Management Team and alignment of behaviour to organisational goals. The LMAP 360 process is a comprehensive and widely used approach that helped the senior managers achieve this objective. It’s been an important part of the Organisation’s success.

Empowering Leadership Teams

Affordable Accessible Leadership Education

This leadership and management course is one of the best I have attended for a long time. It is practical, concise and professionally structured. My team and I have benefited from this invaluable course – Alex Loh. This was an excellent introduction to managing self for aspiring leaders. It has lots of innovative ideas for me and my team to implement in the real world – Beer Opatsuwan

Inspiring Individuals

Valuable Leadership Education for Members

The Institute of Public Accountants needed to provide a flexible, value-centred, best-in-practice leadership development offering to its members. The Pilot Small Business Leadership Series created in conjunction with SWITCH provided just that and continues to grow and develop in line with the needs of its members.

Transforming Membership Organisations

Insights to create happier, healthier workplaces

Mapping the Learner Experience

Education 10th November 2020

Shifting the Paradigm Shift Faster

Education 12th August 2020

Modern Tools for Modern Times

Education 19th May 2021

How SWITCH guides your Transformation


Supported by Social Cognitive Theory, our programmes and insight tools increase self-awareness, the foundational pillar and building block to boost your sense of personal agency and control. Your status quo as a manager and as a leader then shifts, propelling you forward.


Only through self-reflection are we able to achieve the self-regulation necessary for self-actualisation. We promote self-reflection by embedding private digital learning journals in programs, conducting self-assessments and deploying insight tool reports and debriefs.

In Practice

To help you feel better supported and develop your self-confidence as leaders, our approach includes the opportunity to share your ideas and reflections and workplace application with your peers through social learning, in webinars or in group consultations.


We believe one of the keys to becoming a successful leader is grounded in our ability to become better human beings. Our approach is based on a Whole Health view of life where we recognise that everything we do individually has the power to impact the whole.

Switch Education is an Approved Centre with the
Chartered Management Institute (UK)