2019 SWITCH Development Needs Survey

Thanks very much for participating in this survey. Every year we ask our community what courses, programmes and events they would like to see developed for the coming year. All of the responses will be confidential and will help us identify and prioritise product and programme development for the Switch Education leadership community for 2019 and beyond.

  • Your past activity

  • 1. In the past year, have you participated in any management and leadership development programmes?

  • 2. What format did they take?

  • 3. What topics were covered in the programmes?

  • 4. What attracted you to these programmes? Please select the 3 most important reasons from the list below

  • 5. Overall, the quality of the education programmes I attended was:

  • 6. If there was one thing you could improve about the programmes you attended, what would that be?

  • Your future needs

  • 7. What are your top three areas of interest for learning & development in 2019?

  • 8. What is the single most important characteristic about a management/leadership program that induces you to attend?

  • 9. Switch offers both independent, self-paced courses and group based LIVE webinar supported courses. Which would you be interested in attending in 2019?

  • 10. How important is receiving a micro credential or qualification for your participation in a Course or programme?

  • 11. Switch offers both short and long digital courses and programmes. Please rate your degree of interest in participating in the following programmes (1= low interest and 5= high interest).

  • 12. Based on what you know of the Switch Education product range, which of the following words would you use to describe our products? Select all that apply

  • 13. How well do our products appear to meet your needs?

  • 14. Information about you