Our Transformational Pillars

Self-efficacy beliefs drive behaviour management and leadership mastery

Our pedagogy is grounded in Social Cognitive Theory and its core behavioural activation mechanism of self-efficacy beliefs. Lasting change occurs when these self-efficacy beliefs are boosted. This translates to greater confidence in the ability to achieve attainable objectives. Our Programs, Leadership Tools and Experiences revolve around this pillar.

Wisdom emerges through self-awareness and authentic reflection

Self-awareness and self-reflection are integral to understanding behaviour and its impact on others. This process of introspection provides the wisdom to liberate the shadow. Social Cognitive Theory proffers that self-reflection leads to self-regulation, and without self-regulation, we cannot learn to manage unhealthy, unhelpful habits differently.

Imagination and our intuitive nature inspire trust and openness to possibility

We often “close down” our natural inquisitive instincts to be open to possibility. It is only when we ask “why” and give ourselves permission to ask, “why not”, and then trust in our ability to imagine what could be, that we journey beyond into the unknown and reach greatness. The demands of leading well require that we do just that.

Triadic Reciprocity underpins personal and professional transformation

Transformation occurs when we effectively manage the dynamic interplay between our actions (behaviour), our internal environment (personal factors) and external environment. This triadic reciprocity underpins SWITCHEd’s ‘behaviour first’ approach to the evolutionary process of managing our leadership behaviour differently.

Confidence, connection and the power of choice are foundational to growth

Developing confidence in our decision making and possessing an ability to foster trustworthy connections are challenges faced by many leaders. To “Step up” or “Let go” requires strong belief in the power of personal agency, the ability to choose well and the courage to sincerely concede when we don't, so we can learn, grow and adapt.

Humanistic, transpersonal leaders integrate head, heart, spirit and soul

Effective, successful leadership is grounded in an approach that integrates our somatic, rational, artistic and emotional sides. By embracing the power of choice, cultivating empathy and deeper listening, and living the qualities of compassion and creativity, we increase the likelihood of having a sustainable, positive impact in the world.

Education and empowerment are essential to managing the evolving nature of relationships

The evolution of relationships is at the core of our growth as leaders. Social cognitive theory posits that human behaviour is enabled through forethought and intentionality. This learned process that can only be sustained through education and empowerment. Without information we cannot act whereas with information we cannot help but act.

The double helix approach to liberating the shadow prevents derailment, inspires and motivates

We evolve by engaging with the infinite spiral of life. Our ‘behaviour-first’ approach inspires this process. We uncover our narrative, mistaken assumptions and projections, become aware of the origins, reflect and explore the meaning. We regulate the dark and embrace the light, transforming our behaviours before beginning the process again.

Our Brand Soul

Switch Education is grounded in learner-centred behaviour change.
Our proven Three Stage Model of Leadership Transformation is underpinned by social cognitive theory and transpersonal psychology and utilises a practical, evidence-based approach aimed at boosting self-efficacy beliefs and building confident, capable and successfully evolving people. Our Pedagogy-Centric approach designs and delivers programs that remove the mindset obstacles and belief system blockages that prevent sustainable behaviour change.

The SWITCH Butterfly embodies natural beauty, resilience, kindness, creativity and metamorphosis. The deep purple representing transformation; the bright orange, creativity and learning; the soothing green, respectful connection, abundance and growth.

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Our Transformational Educators

Organisational Psychologist | Leadership Development Principal

For over 30 years, I have worked as a management educator and leadership development consultant in Business Schools, Consultancies and Not-for-Profits in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK. Co-founding SWITCH fulfils my lifelong dream of giving managers and leaders access to the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to thrive. My approach to pedagogy is strongly influenced by social cognitive theory and its core principle of self-efficacy beliefs. Digital technology provides an amazing opportunity to bring my dream to fruition. I’ve published articles in leading organisational psychology, HRM and education journals and blog regularly on digital education, management and leadership issues. You can connect with me here.

Certified Archetypal Insights Specialist

My journey to better understand the complexities of human nature + cultural behaviour, and the power of awareness + reflection to integrate what was, have carried me across oceans + continents for over 30 years. I infuse our programs with these archetypal insights, the richness of social cognitive theory + my deep experience across media + business, leadership + learning and transpersonal healthcare. SWITCH supports a global community of opening minds + wise, full hearts; encourages the grace + wonder of the extraordinary human spirit + empowers us to access the trust, courage + confidence within, and to pursue our dreams no matter what life stage or how faraway they seem. I invite you to connect with us here.

How SWITCH guides behaviour change


Supported by Social Cognitive Theory, our programs, assessments and insight tools ignite your innate ability to choose and increases self-awareness, the building block to boost your sense of personal agency. Your leadership and management status quo then shifts, propelling you forward.


Only through self-reflection are we able to achieve the self-regulation necessary for self-actualisation and behaviour metamorphosis. We promote self-reflection by embedding a SWITCHLearning journal in our programs, our assessments and our insight tool reports and debriefs.


The application of the theories and practice activities, SWITCHinars, pulse checks and consultation sessions used in our programs aid long-term behaviour change by engaging the whole brain and reinforcing learning. Our expertise has been gained over 50 years of leadership and education experience.

In Practice

To help you feel better supported and develop your self-confidence as leaders, our programs include the opportunity to share your ideas and reflections and workplace application with your peers in our social learning areas, and in safe spaces created in SWITCHinars or group consultations.

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