Our Transformational Pillars

Self-efficacy beliefs drive behaviour change

Our pedagogy is grounded in Social Cognitive Theory and its core behavioural activation mechanism of self-efficacy beliefs. Lasting change occurs when these self-efficacy beliefs are boosted. This translates to greater confidence in your ability to achieve attainable objectives. Our Programmes, Assessments and Experiences revolve around this pillar.

Wisdom emerges through self-awareness

Self-awareness is the single most important attribute leaders need in order to successfully develop further. Only through a process of introspection and self-awareness does true wisdom emerge. To this end, every program we offer includes the opportunity to understand more about your self, your behaviour and the impact it has on others.

Inquiring minds create new possibilities

We often “close down” our natural inquisitive instincts to be open to new possibilities. It is only when we ask “why” and give ourselves permission to ask “why not” that we push beyond the known and reach greatness. The demands of management and leadership today require that we do just that.

Transformation starts with self-reflection

We can become better leaders and managers when we embrace our light and shadow sides. The most effective way to do this is through self-reflection. As a key tenet of Social Cognitive Theory, we know that self-reflection leads to self-regulation. And without self-regulation, we simply cannot break unhealthy, unhelpful habits and change for the better.

Confidence and trust are key to growth

Developing confidence in your own capabilities and decision making as well as learning to trust others are two of the most common challenges faced by leaders. Being able to “Step up” and be responsible requires authenticity and confidence in yourself, while having the ability to “Let Go” demonstrates your ability to trust in others.

Humanistic leaders integrate head, heart and spirit

Being an effective leader and manager requires a range of approaches, not just rationale or logical ones. Leaders and managers today need to learn empathy and soft skills as well as embrace being well and mindful as core health practices. Only through cultivating a balance between left and right brain behaviours can we positively impact the world.

Our Promise

Switch Education is committed to learner-centred leadership transformation. Underpinned by Social Cognitive Theory, we utilise an evidence-based approach to boost self-efficacy beliefs and develop the capability and competence of your people and organisation to lead with confidence and success. We put pedagogy first, to remove mindset obstacles and belief system blockages that prevent achieving goals in the short-term and creating behaviour change in the longer-term. We look forward to partnering with you.

Our Leadership Team

Organisational Psychologist | Leadership Development Principal

For over 25 years, I have worked as a management educator and leadership development consultant in Business Schools, Consultancies and Not-for-Profits in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK. Launching Switch fulfills my lifelong dream of giving educators, managers and leaders access to the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to thrive. My approach to pedagogy is strongly influenced by social cognitive theory and its core principle of self-efficacy beliefs. Digital technology provides an amazing opportunity to bring my dream to fruition. I’ve published articles in leading organisational psychology, HRM and education journals and blog regularly on digital education, management and leadership issues. Connect with me here.

Education Manager | Certified Archetypal Assessor + Consultant

For over two decades, I have been fortunate to travel globally for study + work. Living across cultures + communities, I witnessed the extraordinary brilliance that is borne when we embrace our humanity + establish strong foundations of connection grounded in good faith + accountability, courage + understanding, love + respect and truth + trust. My grandmothers ignited my passion for music + ballet, exploration + learning and live through me as my guides + liberators. As a caretaker of our planet, I believe in the interconnectedness of all life and our shared responsibility to heal the past + co-create the future. I know Switch will be a trustworthy companion as you move through life + invite you to connect with us here.

Advisor | Executive General Manager UCG

Roger has unique experience in leading innovative, medium-scale businesses across a range of disciplines and verticals including Broadband Networks, IPTV, Digital Imaging & Leisure/Hospitality for over 20 years across four continents. He currently has responsibility for UCG New Zealand who are delivering the NZ Government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband Network.

Advisor | Chief Executive VTOC

A successful entrepreneur, investor and corporate advisor, Ned has spent two decades starting and building internationally focused, emerging technology companies and served as a Non-Executive Director for publicly listed Lake Technology (acquired by Dolby Labs). He spent his early career working with E&Y and IBM in strategy and marketing roles.

How SWITCH guides your Transformation


Supported by Social Cognitive Theory, our programmes and insight tools increase self-awareness, the building block to boost your sense of personal agency and control. Your leadership and management status quo then shifts, propelling you forward.


Only through self-reflection are we able to achieve the self-regulation necessary for self-actualisation. We promote self-reflection by embedding a private digital learning journal in our courses, our self-assessments and our insight tool reports and debriefs.


The activities, webinars, pulse checks and consultations used in our programmes aid long-term behaviour change by engaging the brain and reinforcing learning. They are drawn from our learnings which have been gained over 50 years of business and education experience.

In Practice

To help you feel better supported and develop your self-confidence as leaders, our programmes include the opportunity to share your ideas and reflections and workplace application with your peers in our social learning area, in webinars or group consultations.

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