Assessment: Introduction to Management and Leadership

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Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership

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Switch Education and Chartered Management Institute

Chartered Manager Pathway


Study method

Independent, self-paced

Start date

Upon completion of Leading for Success


24 hours



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This Assessment course is endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute (UK), an organisation that for over 60 years has been dedicated to developing and supporting world class leaders and managers throughout their careers.

Being a Leader and Introduction to Management and Leadership are the two assessment courses approved by CMI which enable you to be awarded the CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership. If you already have 5 years management experience, obtaining this Certificate will enable you to apply for globally-recognised designation of Chartered Manager. Yay!

Why study this course?

You need to pass this assessment course in order to receive your Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership.

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Course overview

The CMI Introduction to Management and Leadership assessment is concerned with the key principles of management at middle and senior levels. It is one of the two courses you are required to complete in order to receive your CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership. With this qualification, you are well on your way to become a Chartered Manager.

This course consists of six separate tasks which must all be completed in order to be successful. There is also a reflective piece which must be submitted.

The first task asks you to focus on the personal development of either yourself or a colleague taking into consideration both short term and long-term needs. You should present your goals, development opportunities and expected outcomes as a plan and include your thoughts as to why this type of staff development is appropriate at this level.


Task Two requires you to illustrate your knowledge and understanding of management styles and how different style impact relationships both in and outside of the workplace.


The third task requires you to be able to analyse and manage stakeholder relationships. You are also required to show your understanding of data and information and the relationship between the two and how it can be used to determine the appropriate amount of resources to meet shareholder needs.


Task Four draws upon your knowledge and understanding of human resources practices. Specifically relating to best practice recruitment and selection and the legislation, policies and procedures that support these functions within your organisation.


The fifth task deals with managing underperforming team members and asks you to explain how you might deal with a situation where you need to address these poor performance issues.


The final task requires you to draw upon your knowledge and skills in the areas of team motivation and welfare.


How we support you

Pedagogy that works

We combine over 50 years of business and education experience, social cognitive theory principles and lots of reflection and practice to ensure you will leave our programmes transformed.

Experienced facilitators

Switch educators are experienced, academically qualified and successful senior managers with a passion for helping people to learn. They are committed to creating more empowered and happier workplaces.

Empowered Learning

We believe learning should be an empowering experience. The most impactful learning needs self-reflection – and only through self-reflection do we learn how to be self-directed and self-managing. That’s why we’ve created a self-directed learning platform with as much built-in support as possible.

CMI Membership

As CMI will be marking your final assessment, you have access to their online resources via the website This includes checklists, management models, learner videos and podcasts, among various other formats tailored to many different learning styles.

Learning Journal

In all Switch courses, there is a learning journal in the form of a digital workbook designed to help you capture your reflections. If you are planning to become a Chartered Manager, these notes will give you a jump start.

Task Plans

Each Assessment Task is broken down into parts to ensure your answer is thorough and complete.

Draft Submission

We offer you the opportunity to allow us to provide feedback on a draft submission prior to your actual submission.

Management Direct

Access over 25,000 books and 40,000 journals, making it the largest library in Europe dedicated to management and leadership


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