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Why women need more role models like Anne Mulcahy in senior management

Recently, I attended a Chief Executive Women’s network meeting in Sydney and was dismayed to find out that women represent as little as 10% of directors in Australia – and that percentage hasn’t shifted in ages. The low percentage of female directors is not due to lack of qualifications – impressively, women represent nearly 60% [...]


Can leaders learn how to become resilient?

A few years ago, I saw Geoff Dixon the former CEO of the Australian flagship carrier Qantas being interviewed by Helen Trinca, a leading localjournalist.  Helen asked Geoff what the number one trait he looked for in his management team and his answer surprised me:  “Resilience”.  The reason he gave was that the turbulent environment [...]


50 Years of Motivation

A few years ago I had the good fortune to spend time with Professor Victor Vroom while I was presenting at the Yale School of Management’s CEO College in New York. Victor is an academic hero of mine, an expert on motivation and one of the most influential scholars in management and leadership. Victor’s landmark book Work [...]


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