Throw out the Carrots, Burn the Sticks … and Watch Employee Motivation Blossom

I’m often asked how to motivate employees. Indeed it’s a ‘perennial’ question with added urgency for managers wondering how to motivate a ‘Millennial’ generation where old school tactics such as rewards, recognition and fear are no longer producing [...]


Employee wellbeing starts with job control not yoga classes

Many of us have taken up some form of mindfulness or movement practice to help manage our stress and ageing bodies. I love going to yoga a couple of times a week for both the mental benefits that help soothe the week’s stress as well as the physical benefits [...]


Reflections on Reflective Practice

Recently I had the great pleasure of attending a graduation ceremony for a small group of MBA students. Until that evening, I only knew them in my capacity as their Corporate Strategy and Leadership facilitator. It was a bit surreal meeting them in person as [...]