Leading Your Self

Do you want to learn more about your own leadership style, so you can better lead others? This course links ideas with your real-life experiences and provides you with the foundational skills to do just that.


Leading for Success

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Switch Education and Chartered Management Institute

Chartered Manager Pathway


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Independent, self-paced

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Get Recognised. Get Chartered.

Leading Your Self is the first of the three SWITCH courses within our PATH Programme, Leading for Success. Leading for Success has been endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute (UK), an organisation that for over 60 years has been dedicated to developing and supporting world class leaders and managers throughout their careers. It is the only chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence.

Leading for Success and Managing for Success are the two programmes we have developed in conjunction with CMI which enable you to be awarded the CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership. If you already have 5 years management experience, obtaining this Certificate will enable you to apply for globally-recognised designation of Chartered Manager. Yay!

Why study this course?

In this course we introduce you to a range of leadership styles in order to help you better understand your default or natural style. With this knowledge you will become more familiar with the different choices you have as a leader and how to improve your effectiveness and impact on others. You will learn to:

Explain the importance of knowing and understanding various types of leadership styles, particularly how you naturally lead


Communicate your leadership story and explain how it might impact your behaviour in the workplace


Evaluate the relationship between leading and managing, particularly in relation to your own role


Discuss why leadership styles need to be adapted in different situations; and


Discuss how leadership styles are adapted to meet changing needs and to enable team development and commitment


Course overview

The first module of this course focuses on self-awareness and how the process of identifying your personal idiosyncrasies and developing a deeper understanding of the characteristics that inform your leadership practice are a critical first step to becoming a successful leader.

We explore a range of leadership styles and the views of experts in the areas of authentic and empowering leadership and look at how realising that helping people find their purpose delivers superior results compared to forcing subordinates to be loyal followers.

You will have an opportunity to share your own leadership story and to explore the important events that define how you lead. We also explore how recognising the difference between leading and managing can help you become more effective leaders and managers.

Finally, we will look at how your leadership style can be adapted to suit changing circumstances and how learning how to do this will assist you as you manage and lead today.


How we support you

Pedagogy that works

We combine over 50 years of business and education experience, social cognitive theory principles and lots of reflection and practice to ensure you will leave our programmes transformed.

Experienced facilitators

Switch educators are experienced, academically qualified and successful senior managers with a passion for helping people to learn. They are committed to creating more empowered and happier workplaces.

Learning Journal

We have introduced a downloadable digital workbook designed to help you capture your reflections. If you undertake the assessment to earn your CMI Level 5 Qualification, these notes and our helpful CMI icon will give you a head start.

Social Learning

Our comments area allows you to share your thoughts with your fellow scholars. Here you can refine and reinforce your thinking as well as give others the opportunity to learn from your reflections. Our ultimate aim is to help you absorb more knowledge, feel better supported and develop the self-confidence you need to be successful in your career as a leader.

Empowered Learning

We believe learning should be an em-powering experience. The most impactful learning needs self-reflection – and only through self-reflection do we learn how to be self-directed and self-managing. That’s why we’ve created a self-directed learning platform with as much built-in support as possible.


Our comprehensive FAQs have all the answers to your learning questions.

Leading for Success Programme

By signing up for all 3 courses in the Leading for Success programme at once, you save 10%!


Leading Your Self

We introduce you to the key leadership styles to help you better understand your natural style. With this knowledge you can improve your effectiveness as a leader and manage your impact on others.

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