Tips for Course Success

How to get the most out of the course

The learning environment we have created and the activities you undertake within a Switch course are designed to boost your self-efficacy beliefs to undertake study and apply what you learn at work. In order to help you in that regard, we have introduced a range of learning strategies such as:

  • Relatively simple questions that prompt reflection and action
  • Creating a positive self-reinforcing cycle of success
  • Celebrating your progress and performance against your own time frames
  • Giving you the freedom to proceed at your own pace
  • Encouraging you with consistent, credible and specific feedback

Digital Learning Support

In all Switch courses, there is a private learning journal in the form of a digital workbook designed to help you capture your reflections.

There is also a comments area to share your thoughts with your fellow scholars. Please remember that your comments are posted to a public forum that other members of the Switch community will read. Therefore, any reflections or planned actions that could be considered confidential should be put in your private learning journal or in an offline action plan.

We recommend you make full use of these tools. The process of sharing your thoughts is an effective way to refine and reinforce your thinking as well as giving others the opportunity to learn from your reflections.

Our ultimate aim is to help our scholars absorb more knowledge, feel better supported and develop the self-confidence you need to be as successful as possible in your career as a manager and leader.

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