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Welcome to transformational learning with Switch Education for Business. Thanks for joining us – we’re delighted to welcome you to our programmes and to guide you on your leadership journey.

Who we are

We are committed educators with a unique pedagogical approach to learning. Passionate about empowering leaders to reach their potential, we leverage our experience as leadership and management educators, business executives and entrepreneurs to achieve this. We are advocates for self-directed learning supported by mentoring and look forward to collaborating with you on your journey as a self-aware, self-actualising leader.

Our approach to learning

Our approach to learning is underpinned by Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) principles and practices. Using SCT as our learning framework means our primary focus is on building your confidence in your ability as a scholar to grasp academic content and successfully apply this knowledge to your workplace environment.

This approach helps boost your resilience to the many challenges faced by scholars and supports you in changing your behaviour at work. In contrast to many management and leadership programmes that create competitive environments and look for mistakes that usurp rather than boost scholar your confidence, our focus is to nurture you while you undertake academic study and to actively encourage your success as a scholar.

The Role of Self-Efficacy Beliefs

At its core, SCT is based on the concept of ‘self-efficacy beliefs’. Self-efficacy beliefs are your personal judgement about your capability to accomplish what’s necessary and achieve expected performance outcomes.

The three foundational pillars of self-efficacy beliefs are:

  1. Confidence: Your confidence in your competence to undertake challenging tasks
  2. Responsibility: Your ability to act, influence your life and assume responsibility for your behaviour
  3. Conviction: Your conviction that your efforts will lead to successful outcomes

By creating an environment where we ‘step up’ and become more confident in your ability to undertake academic study, you’ll be more capable of achieving your goal of becoming a more effective leader and manager.


Self-reflection is an integral part of learning. In particular self-reflection is critical if we are to learn how to initiate and sustain behaviour change. Only through self-reflection will you be able to make sense of your experiences, explore your own thought patterns and self-beliefs and engage in self-evaluation. By going through this process, will enable you to become more self-regulatory, alter your perspective and change your behaviour as necessary.

In this and other Switch courses, there will be many opportunities for you to reflect on what you’ve read and watched as well as think about your own experiences. These reflections can be captured in the learning journal within the course or in the comments area.

Tutorial Videos On Using the Site

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Introduce yourself using an example of a course that you have studied before and whether you have used self-reflection to help you understand what you are learning.

Please remember that your comments are posted to a public forum that other members of the Switch community can read. Therefore any reflections or planned actions that could be considered confidential should be put in your personal learning journal or offline action plan.

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14 thoughts on “Course Welcome

  1. Hi, My name is Sri. I received excellent guidance from IML to do this course. I’m enthusiastic to complete the course with two compelling reasons – Improve my management and leadership skills, and another dimension to that is my Pathway towards Chartered Manager. I will commend that the course organization in the Switch Education Dashboard is simple, but powerful.

  2. Kia ora koutou katoa,

    My name is Jacob Waitere and I am a manager at The University of Auckland here in Aotearoa/New Zealand. I last studied in 2009 when I was completing my Bachelors degree in Education and English. In my role I support 3600 residents living on campus and arrange training for 90 Resident Advisors. Throughout our training we use self-reflection a lot with our student staff. I am on this educational journey now because after being in a management role for a few years I thought it important I combine my practical experience with formal learning.

  3. Hi- My name is Tony Lombardi. I enjoy learning both theory and practically on the job. The last time I did formal studies was in 2013 where I completed a Certificate iv in Frontline management. One of the tools I use a lot has been self reflection to help me understand what I am learning.
    I wish now to consolidate what I will learn and what to improve my leadership skills and ability in my current role and to be recognised in our field as a leader.

  4. Hi – my name is Suzanne and I am in the process of completing a law / business degree so I am very familiar with ongoing education. I have been in management for some time, but have moved from the corporate world to a small business, and a city location to a small town of just over 1000 people. I am doing the leadership course to help me manage the challenges of working in this very different environment.

  5. Hi – My name is Craig. I have not engaged in any formal leadership development in a few years and have been learning and working on my leadership skills in the practical method. I often use self reflection to modify and adjust my leadership style / methods. I am looking forward to formalising and furthering my skills through this training

  6. Hi – my name is Matt. I am what is sometimes referred to as an ‘accidental manager’ having made my way into a leadership and management role with my only previous formal training being technically based. So most of my formal learning has not required self reflection to achieve the study goals. I am hoping to use this course to improve my leadership skills, ability and confidence in this role.

  7. Hi I’m Alex. I started the journey of learning more on leadership and management through Switch Education and I must say I enjoyed it so much.
    The education format is easy to follow and as we are all very time poor, it gives a lot of flexible time for me to complete each module.
    I hope to be coming a better leader and manager for the benefit of society and community.

  8. Hi, I am Lee. It has been quite some time since I have done some structured learning in this format so have apprehensions about fitting the commitment into my already hectic schedule. It is high time I invest personally, so in for a penny, in for a pound! The last leadership training I did was a couple of years ago and it was done in a way I hadn’t experienced before. That experience presented many opportunities for reflection and encouraged sharing with the cohort. It was challenging but a rewarding experience.

  9. Hi – my name is Kirsten and I undertook some further study last year which I really enjoyed.
    I am a People and Culture Manager and I’m keen to continue my learning journey through Switch Education.

  10. Hi everyone. As you can see in the title above, my name is Scott. I was fortunate enough to undertake some Advanced Programme Management training through my – then – large employer’s training centre. It had been several years since I had done any form of study and I really enjoyed the fact that the training gave me plenty of opportunity to consider what I wanted to do in the future with my career and more importantly, that the decisions I made weren’t to the detriment of those around me. I hope this next chapter of study helps me to continue to find myself and encourage work colleagues, friends and family to find their best as well.

  11. Hi, my name is Dianne.
    Self reflection is so important. A younger version of me was scared of self reflection , “what if I dont fit in “, “what if I fail ” , “what if I’m not good enough “.
    Years of learning has taught me that to know myself by constant reflection is a true strength in leadership, learning and life !

  12. Hi, My name is William, i had completed Diploma in Business many years ago, i am looking forward doing this courses and to become better manager.

  13. Hi. My name is Robert and a few years ago through AIMSA I completed a Business Management diploma. I found that throughout the whole diploma it required in depth self reflection on my own perceptions and abilities which allowed me to put myself in others shoes and be able to greatly improve and comprehend to a deeper level my required learning from this course.

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