Welcome to your personal library of discovery. Each section is designed to help you inquire, learn, reflect and process the insights and truth about who you are as a leader and manager. SWITCH Discover is where you can push beyond your comfort zone so that you can successfully continue your Quest to fulfil your potential as self-actualised leader.

Self-awareness has been identified as the #1 leadership challenge in the 21st Century.

DISCOVER Tools and Assessments address this issue by providing you with a greater understanding and awareness of your leadership strengths, weaknesses, habits and self-image. The results and insights provide the wisdom and motivation you’ll need to successfully continue your transformation goal.

Utilising these academically rigorous tools helps you find the inner strength and build the resources and resilience you need to be an effective leader. And we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

Leadership Insight Tools

The real test of any leadership insight tool is its ability to deliver the truth about your personality, competencies and capabilities as well as create the environment for lasting behaviour change.

SWITCH Tools are chosen for the honest and practical way insights are conveyed and act as a catalyst to motivate you to overcome any leadership behaviour challenges. They are especially relevant for senior executives and operational leaders and their teams. We focus on 360 degree assessment as one on one mentoring, 360 degree group assessment and tools designed to assist with improving leadership decision-making.


Self Assessments

Leadership development and management education can be both fun AND insightful.

The self-assessments SWITCH has created are academically rigorous and have been specifically designed to ensure you gain the self-reflection you’re searching for across areas such as control and power, values, self-confidence and personal agency.

Our aim is to help you acquire wisdom, bolster your inner resources and become motivated to face the next challenge in your journey as a leader. Find out more now about your level of empowerment, personal values and degree of mindfulness in the workplace.


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