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    Leadership Insight Tools


    Switch Education and LMAP Inc.

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    12 months

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    1795 GBP


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    Online + Mentoring


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The SWITCH360 integrates the LMAP360 and Mentoring. The LMAP360 is a valid and empirically grounded assessment tool that highlights the systematic relationships between how a leader is perceived by their colleagues and their leadership effectiveness. The Mentoring helps break through limiting beliefs so the likelihood of you reaching your Leadership Goals is increased.

About this Leadership Programme

How SWITCH guides your Transformation


Supported by Social Cognitive Theory, our programmes and insight tools increase self-awareness, the building block to boost your sense of personal agency and control. Your leadership and management status quo then shifts, propelling you forward.


Only through self-reflection are we able to achieve the self-regulation necessary for self-actualisation. We promote self-reflection by embedding a private digital learning journal in our courses, our self-assessments and our insight tool reports and debriefs.

In Practice

To help you feel better supported and develop your self-confidence as leaders, our programmes include the opportunity to share your ideas and reflections and workplace application with your peers in our social learning area, in webinars or group consultations.


The activities, webinars, pulse checks and consultations used in our programmes aid long-term behaviour change by engaging the brain and reinforcing learning. They are drawn from our learnings which have been gained over 50 years of business and education experience.

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