Can’t see the video/audio player

There are a number of reasons why you may be having trouble seeing the video player.
1) Your cache is full or you have out of date cookies
Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. This can be done from the Settings menu or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
2) Flash version out of date
Videos and audio on Switch Education will work with Flash 10.2 and later versions. However, for the most reliable experience, the latest release is always recommended. To determine your current version of Flash player visit Flash Player Help. Alternatively, you can simply update to the latest Flash player by visiting
3) Javascript is disabled
The video/audio player also requires javascript to be enabled. Users without javascript will only see a blank space where the video or audio player should be. To confirm that javascript is enabled, visit This will show your current browser setup. If javascript is disabled you can enable it in your browser settings menu.
4) Video/audio is unavailable
This occurs when your computer fails to receive the video or audio file. If a video has not been received after 60 seconds, this error message will be displayed. Try refreshing the page and, if this does not work, clear your cache. If you are still getting this message, it appears that there may be a problem with your connection so please get in touch with your internet service provider (ISP).
5) Add ons and extensions
Try disabling all browser extensions, add-ons, etc. Certain extensions can interfere with your browser’s regular performance and most online material will not have been tested with your specific extension in mind.
6) An incompatible browser
Ensure you’re using a browser supported by Switch Education. Whilst this isn’t a solution, check to see whether the problem is specific to one particular browser.