If you are an evolving or emerging leader who has a thirst for knowledge, is driven to learn how to advance your career and prevent derailment, is committed to growth and development and is ready to begin the next phase of your journey to be a self-actualised leader, then this area is for you.

Leaders and managers who have open and curious minds and who wish to create a positive impact in the world know that the path to success involves a commitment to life-long learning to foster awareness and reflection. This is where SWITCH comes in – as your guide for professional growth + transformation.

Our professional development opportunities challenge your thinking, boost your self-awareness and help lift you to greatness. Our approach is underpinned by Social Cognitive Theory + Archetypal Insights, with self-reflection as an integral part of expanding your world view and cultivating your curiosity to help you find the answers you seek and the wisdom you crave.


Great Leadership begins with self-awareness with successful leaders being committed to opening their minds, improving their knowledge, upgrading their skills + developing their capabilities.

The core aim of our SWITCHInform Series is to inspire emerging leaders and to encourage individual growth + transformation. Utilising a lecture-type style, the Series delivers successful leadership stories, introduces contemporary theories in the world of management and leadership and offers practical insights to boost competence in leadership + management. Social cognitive and archetypal pedagogies underpin each of the themes.



The key to becoming an empowered leader lies in the ability to catalyse self-awareness and foster self-reflection, leading to self-regulation and actualisation.

SWITCHInteract is a series of interactive, online SWITCHinars that provide the opportunity to learn and apply the latest theories + best practice in leadership + behaviour management. Themes include performance, developing team culture, managing power, developing trust, the art and psychology behind honest communication and negotiating well, preventing career derailment and navigating archetypal stories. The aims of SWITCHInteract are boosting your people’s confidence + competence, balance the body-mind connection and create sustainable personal + professional behavioural success.



The hurdles for organisations to sustainably boost their leadership capabilities are significant. Our SWITCHImmerse 12-month programs immerses your people in experiences that boost resilience and activate the ability to lead + manage from a place of rational balance, sensory acuity + emotional agility.

This innovative, blended program includes bespoke experiences created around archetypal assessment and coaching or senior leadership 360 assessment + coaching. Included are integrated opportunities for deeper understanding + application of learnings via interactive SWITCHinars, HOMEPlay and embedded projects; LIVE rehearse for reality + active engagement SWITCHShops.



With increasing frequency, we are being asked to show up in ways that challenge our resilience, dynamic balance, sensory acuity and emotional agility. We are learning to let go of control, accept uncertainty and vulnerability, trust in one another’s differences and move confidently toward the unknown.

Grounded in depth psychology, archetypal narratives and body-mind integration practices, SWITCHTransform Archetypal Consultations activate the first stage of this journey of empowerment. They provide the principles + theories and the tools + practices that are necessary to support successful, sustainable behaviour management and change.


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