Grow + Transform

If you are an evolving or emerging leader or manager who has a thirst for knowledge, is driven to learn how contemporary theory can be applied in your world, would like to be recognised for your commitment to growth and development and are ready to begin the next phase of your journey to be a self-actualised leader, then this area is for you.

Leaders and managers who have open and curious minds and who wish to create a positive impact in the world know that the path to success involves a commitment to life-long learning.

This is where SWITCH comes in – as your guide to help you Transform.

Our accredited and non-accredited opportunities challenge your thinking, boost your self-awareness and help lift you to greatness. Our approach is underpinned by Social Cognitive Theory where self-reflection is an integral part of expanding your world view and supports you to find the answers you seek and the wisdom you crave both personally and professionally.

Dynamic Leadership Transformation Series

Improving knowledge + skills and boosting competencies are crucial to becoming effective 21st century professionals. We offer three programs to address these challenges.

SWITCHInform aids individual growth with inspiring leadership stories, tools + insights to boost confidence and personal power. SWITCHInteract is an online program that fosters self-reflection and provides facilitation to achieve greater self-regulation. SWITCHImmerse, our innovative, blended program is an extended experience with assessment + coaching, integrated opportunities for deeper understanding and application of content through interactive webinars and an embedded project.


SWITCH Transform

With increasing frequency, we are being asked to show up in ways that challenge our resilience, dynamic balance, sensory acuity and emotional agility. We are learning to let go of control, accept uncertainty and vulnerability, trust in one another’s differences and move confidently toward the unknown.

Grounded in evidence-based therapeutic practices, SWITCHTransform Consultations activate the first stage of this journey of empowerment. They provide the principles + theories and integrate the tools + practices that are necessary to support successful, sustainable change.


SWITCH Open Learning Series

Learning the art of leading and managing yourself and your teams is integral to becoming an effective 21st Century leader and manager.

Our Open Learning Series offers courses which boost knowledge and skills about management and leadership. Topics include self-leadership, managing remotely and cultivating mindfulness to improve wellbeing. Built on the principle of self-reflection leading to self-regulation, these courses are focused on practical application. You will be recognised with an Open Learning micro-credential as an affirmation of your commitment to life-long education.


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