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Re-assessing your progress as a leader makes sense, particularly as many of you will have moved into a more senior leadership role or have change employer since completing your MBA. Through our partnership with LMAP LLC, Switch Education is offering individual LMAP 360 leadership assessments. The LMAP 360 has many of the features of the MMAP 360 including LMAP Profiles (Circumplex), Self-Report, Feedback Report, Item Level Results, Effectiveness Ratings and Rater Comments.

There are also important differences. First, the LMAP 360 Self Report provides a deep, more insightful narrative to help participants truly understand their perceptions of their own leadership behaviour. Second, the LMAP 360 Feedback Report provides a richer narrative about the perceptions of others for participants to reflect on. Importantly, the Feedback Report provides 15 plus pages of additional content about your Project Orientations, Teamwork and Communications. Think of it as your personal development library as it has numerous references and guidance on how to accelerate your leadership effectiveness. Finally, there’s the Initial Debrief and Pulse Check process. The 60-minute individual debrief with me about your LMAP 360 results includes helping you set a leadership development goal.  And after 6 months, you’ll have the opportunity to undertake a short Pulse Check including a 30 minute debrief to see how you’re traveling against this goal.