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The SWITCH 360 includes all the benefits of the LMAP 360 leadership assessment tool with its deep and insightful Self Report, comprehensive Feedback Report including Project Orientations, Teamwork and Communications, thorough debrief and Pulse Check.

The SWITCH 360 goes a big step further with mentoring support provided over a 12-month period. First, the initial LMAP 360 debrief/mentoring session is extended to 80 minutes and includes significant interaction about the selection and deployment of your leadership development goal.  Second, there are two Pulse Check Reports conducted at the 5 and 9-month mark accompanied by a 60-minute debrief/mentoring sessions. The aim of Pulse Check is to get feedback from others on your progress against your leadership development goal and ensure you achieve your aim to become a more effective leader. Finally, there’s a 40-minute end of program review and goal setting session. In between mentoring sessions, participants are welcome to contact me for informal advice/support.