“Master the Art of STEPPING UP & LETTING GO
EMPOWER your People &
Watch your Business GROW…”

Join Experienced Executives, Leadership Mentors & Business Educators Richard Carter PhD & Cassie Leibinger MEd
in this FREE Online MASTERCLASS for Small to medium businesses & Departmental leaders and managers…

We asked our leadership mentees, former students and executive teams we’ve worked with to identify the TWO KEY CHALLENGES they faced in their businesses and careers. This is what they said….

    How do I get affordable access to experienced and trustworthy mentors who can help me navigate my journey to become a confident and effective leader and manager?
    Where can I gain the knowledge I need to successfully adjust to the demands of leading and managing people, so I can achieve my career & lifestyle goals more quickly?

That was our experience too…

So, we took this feedback, our 5 decades of executive and leadership education experience and added our unlimited passion for helping leaders grow and created this life-changing 45-minute WEBINAR where you will

  • Learn the 2 KEY behaviours that EVERY people leader must master to be successful
  • Identify which one of these behaviours is KEY for you
  • Discover the TOOLS to help you master this KEY behaviour
  • Find out how we can SUPPORT you to become a more confident, competent & effective people leader & manager

We look forward to seeing you there…


Presenter: Richard Carter PhD
Presenter | Co-Creator & Director Engagement
Executive Coach | Advisor


Cassie Leibinger MEd
Presenter | Co-Creator, Director Marketing & Operations
Women in Business Mentor