Closure, Release + Direction #3 – Direction

“…We know our Path is right when betraying ourselves is not one of our options…” Caroline Myss PhD

This blog concludes our Closure. Release. Direction series.  We began our process of Closing out 2019 (Blog 1) so that we could Release those 2019 Adventures that we had completed (Blog 2).  Now we are free to move in a new Direction for 2020, which is the theme of this blog. 

Knowing where to head next is a quandary we all experience.  And our ability to choose the right path is the most powerful tool we have to determine our destinies. 

For the past couple of weeks I have shared with you the experience of bring closure to my 2019 adventures.  Now it’s time to focus on what we can do with the “For 2020” list.

What do I do with my “For 2020” list?

So, what happens now to those things you have on the “Not yet Wrapped Up” side of your list? My client and I used these unresolved adventures as a basis for our List in 2020 and we set about prioritising them. Then we asked ourselves whether there was a central theme.

Why do we need a Central Theme?

In my experience, when I create a central theme for my goals it gives my left brain something concrete to focus on.  When she is happy and has found her structure, I can let me right-brain loose!  The same principle is at work here.  There are so many distractions in our lives that creating a central focus gives us a greater chance of achieving our goals.  It also highlights where in our lives we have decided to do some ‘work’.

Choosing our Themes

As an archetypal consultant, I use Caroline Myss’ Archetypal Wheel as a framework to choose the theme and focus. It is simple and effective and my go-to tool in my sessions that utilise Jungian archetypes and Sacred Contracts. Caroline created the wheel to help us better understand the archetypal energies at play within our lives.  It also helps us determine our mission and purpose in this lifetime. Caroline’s Wheel has 12 houses – all revolving around a central life-cycle theme.

My Client’s theme emerged as ‘Highest Potential’.  My theme was ‘Interaction with the World’.

I invite you to use the Archetypal Wheel from the Sacred Contracts work of Caroline Myss PhD to help you determine your 2020 Theme and Direction. And if you need any assistance with focusing on your theme for 2020, please do not hesitate to contact me at

What about NEW Adventures for 2020?

The final step now we had our theme and our Adventures for 2020 was to reflect on whether there were any additional adventures we wanted to include for 2020. Or, were we happy with the List brought over from 2019? 

We are still reflecting on that one…

We realised in order to answer that we would have to open up a whole new ‘Pandora’s Box’ of Questions. ‘What would we need to ensure that we could take our 2020 theme and create a Path of Power for 2020?’  ‘How would we know if we were on the right path in 2020?’ ‘How many Adventures are too many?’.

During the first quarter of 2020, I will look at the answers to these questions. And if you have missed the two previous Blogs, you can access Closure here.  And Release here.

Blogger: Cassie Leibinger MEd CMgr, Co-Founder of Switch Education and Creator of the Switch Wellbeing Sessions.  Cassie began managing and leading teams 25 years ago and started working with brand archetypes 20 years ago. She is a Certified Archetypal Consultant and Chartered Manager. As an integrative health practitioner, Cassie’s focus is on cutting edge wellness modalities centred around jungian psychology, Quantum Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dance Therapy and Conflict Coaching.

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