Closure, Release and Direction Series – Blog 2 – Release

“… Our whole bodies crave the relief that comes with finally saying goodbye and good luck…”

Welcome to Part 2 of our three-part series on Closure, Release and Direction. This series was seeded by one of my clients who asked me for advice as to how she could best ‘close out’ her 2019. She wanted to release those choices, situations and events that she was ready to let go of before moving into 2020. Part 2 focuses on the process we went through achieve this.

Our Quest for Closure

Let’s start with our process, ideas, thoughts and practical tips for bringing your year to a satisfactory end.

Everything begins with a Brainstorm….

Brainstorming The LIST

We chose to start our process by brainstorming all of our adventures in 2019. This includes our relationships, goals, choices, behaviours etc.  We put these on the left of three columns.

Over the middle column we used the heading: Wrapped Up.  On the right side we put ‘For 2020’. To decide which column our adventures went in, we asked the question, ‘Could we live with that scenario going into 2020?’  If the answer was yes, then that Adventure went in the middle.  If not, then this was something we noted it down to work on for 2020. It went on the right.

This left us with our next dilemma. How do we choose whether we could live with it?

Making The CHOICE

Initially, we tried answering “Could we live with it” with our left brains.  We made another list of pros and cons. Somewhere in the middle of this we stopped and chuckled. We realised we were making another list in order to add something to the first list – there had to be a better way…

…and there was. I called on a technique I learned years ago while in Arizona learning about Native American Art and History.  This grounding technique has always stood me in good stead and was very simple in theory. Ask the question and then just listen for a response.

Satisfying your left brain

This could come as a left-brained answer first. This is your mind analysing and problem solving and coming up with an answer. Which is pretty much the pros and cons scenario we started with initially. Write whatever comes up, down.

Creating room for your intuition

Then, take a couple of deep breathes all the way down into your hips. Then quieten down to observe your intuitive response. Depending on how you sense the world, this may come through as a physical response – in your gut, your heart or wherever it is that your intuition tells you what to do. Or, it may come through another sense. Just be still until it is clear and resounding. The amount of time it takes for a clear YES or NO to come through will depend on how easily you can communicate with your intuitive side. 

Write your intuitive response down. 

What if they are different? Your intuitive response is usually the one that determines your final Yes or No. Add your answers to your List and repeat this for every Adventure item.

You will be able to see what you have been able to have closure on for 2019 and what is still outstanding to be brought into 2020.

Spending time in CELEBRATION

All too often, we do not celebrate what we have achieved over the past year, we just focus on what is still outstanding.  Whatever you have listed on the WRAPPED UP side of your List, celebrate it.  Share your successes with someone and congratulate yourself. It’s important to revel in what you have ‘wrapped up’ for 2019 as this is the key to allowing new opportunities to come into your life.  Also, letting go of the old is not always an easy task. Celebrating your choice to do this also shows gratitude, respect and reference to the difficult decisions we sometimes have to make in our lives in order to move forward on our own paths of power.

What about the ‘For 2020’ side?

We’ll look at how to address your “For 2020” list in the next Blog as that List will be the one that guides us into 2020. And, if you are finding it difficult to reflect or process this first stage, I invite you to book an appointment with me for a Wellbeing session where we can focus on breaking through any barriers you have to gaining closure for 2019 and clearing the way for 2020.

If you missed the first Blog in this Series, you can access it here….

Blogger: Cassie Leibinger MEd CMgr, Co-Founder of Switch Education and Creator of the Switch Wellbeing Sessions. Cassie began managing and leading teams 25 years ago and started working with brand archetypes 20 years ago. She is a Certified Archetypal Consultant and Chartered Manager. As an integrative health practitioner, Cassie’s focus is on cutting edge wellness modalities centred around jungian psychology, Quantum Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dance Therapy and Conflict Coaching.

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